Customer service

Perfect After-sale service system

Before selling
Firstly, the salesmen analyze the requirements of customers according their realities.
Secondly, the professional engineers and designers give you a professional advice depend on customers’ requirement and performance parameters of products.
Thirdly, the company uses AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP to offer various of programme and impression drawing for making a reasonable solution.
In selling 
After professional training, the salesmen and senior engineers deal with your difficulties in your purchasing and using at any time with correlated techniques. At the same time, the company are capable of training users and technologists including equipment installation, storage, maintenance and notes which let you feel our specialty and enthusiasm.

After selling

After you purchased our products, you get our free and professional services. We build up perfect customers profiles to offer our service of product maintenance and using instructions. Dialing us, we will solve your any problems of products and services. Our guarantee of products is three years. During the guaranteed time, the company will still offer maintenance with payment only for parts of replacing under normal operation. The technicians are always ready to give you a considerate service in time . 

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